Advanced Technique

Want to swim faster and more efficient?   I can help.   I continue to update and study the latest techniques in swimming.  I incorporate all styles of swimming philosophy/styles and utilize what I believe will work best for YOU.   Everything from Swim Smooth, Total Immersion, Swim Speed, and many more.  I love to use video to actually “show” you what you are doing correct and what needs correction.

Individual lessons take place in the pool.  These sessions will incorporate drills to increase efficiency and power in the water.


Underwater Video Analysis

Video stroke analysis is an excellent way to receive feedback on your swimming technique and identify ways in which to improve your stroke.  During this 90 minute sessions, you will be videotaped both above and below the water, from the side and head on.  The video will then be analyzed looking at the mechanics of the whole stroke as well as focus points.  You’ll receive helpful suggestions on how to improve your technique including recommended drills.  After practicing, you will be filmed again.  You will also have access to the video post session as well examples of drills and swimming techniques to take with you.

90 Minute Session – $175 includes pool fees   ($150 if no pool fees)

Additional follow up session – 1/2 price at $80

Private Open Water Session

These sessions are invaluable for those timid in the open water or just want the security of having someone swim by your side.  First priority will be your comfort in the water, then your stroke, breathing, sighting and other triathlon specific occurrences.  This is an hour session with approx. 20-40 min in the water and may include videotaping.

1 Hour – $95