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WE ARE BOOKED FULL FOR PRIVATE LESSONS WITH NO SPOTS AVAILABLE.   We have a few spots in our water babies and adult classes. 

Welcome to Eastside Swim School.   We are not a franchise swim school.   We value quality over quantity.  We offer year-round, developmental swim lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities from 6 months to adult. Our program features a highly effective skill & safety progression for each level while instilling confidence in a FUN, SAFE & POSITIVE atmosphere! We are excited to celebrate our love of water and education with you!!!

See you in the pool!

Lisa is phenomenal!

I have 4 kids and we’ve been taking swim lessons from Lisa for a little over a year now, and I’m so glad we found her! My two older boys 10 & 8, did group lessons for a few of years through Bellevue Aquatic Center and while it was good, the actual time in the water for them wasn’t that great. Plus, the instruction would vary depending on the instructor, who would often times be a high school or college student. My boys learned how to swim but they were not the most proficient nor did they have the best technique.

Ever since we switched and started weekly semi-private lessons with Lisa, I can see a huge improvement with my older boys. She has taught them proper technique – how to stroke & breathe the right way, shown them where their hand position should be in relation to their body, where their body should be in the water to be the most effective swimmer. She’s taught them the nuances of swimming that most instructors aren’t able to teach. At this point, they would probably be able to compete fairly well in a swim team setting if they chose to pursue that.

My two younger ones, a 5 and 3 year old have learned in a year what probably took my older boys 2 years to learn. With the 5 year old, she’s able to be swim short distances crawl stroke, and is currently working on her stroke/breathing pattern. She’s also being taught a simple breaststroke as well. And the 3 year old is learning more about being comfortable in the water and being able to swim to an edge if he ever fell in. Lisa has helped him be extremely comfortable in an aquatic setting and is helping him learn basic safety, how to turn on his back when needed, how to do a (very) basic crawl or breast stroke to the edge of the pool.

Lisa is an amazing swim teacher. We love her because she is a ‘real’ swim teacher, that’s her job,and she’s very knowledgeable with the sport. She has the background in coaching, she has children so she knows how to deal with kids, and has a great attitude. We especially appreciate her straight-forwardness and her firm teaching, yet she’s flexible with the kids as needed.

With something like swim lessons, you do get what you pay for. And I want my kids to be comfortable in the water, be able to survive if they need to, and I’m confident that my kids will be able to do that, especially with Lisa’s help.


Lisa is an amazing coach and swim teacher. About 2 years ago she started giving private swim lessons to my then 13-year old son who could swim but had zero technique. He is autistic and she was so calm and patient with him. After about a year he decided that he wanted to try swim team at the high school. So she spent about 9 months (weekly lessons) working with him on all the different strokes that he was expected to know for swimming. He did do swim team at the high school and we can thank Lisa for instilling him with confidence. She was just great for him and easy for me to work with as well. I highly recommend Lisa for swim lessons.

Victoria B.